This One Time, On The Internet- March 24, 2014

Here are the quick hits from the world of movies, TV, video games, online poker, phone chargers, whatever catches our fancy. Movies X-Men: Days of Future Past We showed you the trailer earlier today, here is the latest poster for the super, giant-sized X-movie releasing May 23rd. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Here is the […]

This One Time, On The Internet- March 17, 2014

Here are the quick hits from the world of movies, TV, games, blacksmithing, hummus, whatever catches our fancy. Movies Pixar The Incredibles and Ratatouille will be converted to 3D for future re-release in theaters. Never cared for Ratatouille that much, but I will gladly pay handsomely to see Frozone in 3D. The Amazing Spider-Man Marc […]

Wolverine Was Just The First. Now Gambit Gets Axed By Professor X

Professor X is on a roll with these X-Men layoffs. First, it was Wolverine and now everyone’s favorite Cajun is taken to task. Is anyone safe in this economy? If it is affecting The X-Men, no one is safe. Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Professor X Sends Wolverine To The Unemployment Line Comedian Pete Holmes, whose Funny or Die Batman videos are already stuff of internet legend, is back and this time he is taking on Wolverine’s uselessness as a member of The X-Men. He brings up the most obvious argument of their main villain being able to manipulate metal. Hilarity ensues…bub.

Review: The Wolverine

I know there are more than one of you wondering how a second Wolverine movie even got made considering the complete abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and you would be right to think that. The movie made money, but is universally reviled by most comic fans and let’s not even start on Deadpool fans. […]

Weekend Box Office July 26-28, 2013

The Wolverine opened up at number one just like everyone thought it would, but its $55 million take was on the lighter side of expectations with studio estimates leaning more towards a $70 million opening. While initially this would be considered a disappointment, The Wolverine pulled in $86 million from the foreign box office and […]

X-Men: Days Of Future’s Past Age Shift Poster Doesn’t Quite Work On Wolverine

And if you are wondering why it is that Wolverine looks the exact same instead of like the Professor X and Magneto ones from yesterday then you are not the audience the movie is looking for. Luckily, you have a whole year to watch all of the X-Men films (not so much X-Men 3 or Origins) […]

New Trailer For The Wolverine Shows A Nine Foot Tall Robotic Silver Samurai. Wait. What?

Don’t cry Wolverine, it can’t be as bad as X-Men Origins. And I will not let the fact that Silver Samurai appears to be a nine foot tall robot affect me enough to not see this movie. The source material is just to good to screw up. It can not possibly be as bad as mouthless […]

Hugh Jackman Invites You To Free Comic Book Day. No Singing Or Dancing Involved. This is a busy weekend to be a nerd. Iron Man 3 opens this weekend (review coming Monday morning) and Star Wars Day happens to coincide with Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day really is a great day every year for fans and people who want to get involved in the wonderful […]

Marvel Super Heroes Get A Lego Game Of Their Own

  Lego’s reach is indeed very, very long. Warner Bros. Games has announced that the Marvel superheroes will be starring in their own video game. Traveller’s Tales will be handling the game as usual. They have already developed the Lego games for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman (including the amazing […]