7 Consoles You Probably Thought Were Sh**, And You Were Right

Atari Jaguar -Because nothing says “reclaiming past glory” like a “64-bit” console with a controller that actually makes less sense than using a computer keyboard. Alien vs. Predator was admittedly awesome, but White Men Can’t Jump… Magnavox Odyssey -Gets obvious points for being the first home console, but loses them all for having no sound […]

Ouya Console Will Be Out In June. Sold At Best Buy, Target And Others

Ouya, the console that helped put Kickstarter on the front page by garnering over $8.5 million in donations, will see its release in June. The system has over 200 titles in development for the Android based system including the hugely popular Minecraft. Ouya will cost $99.99 and come with a console and one controller. Extra […]

R.I.P. Nintendo Power

  File this under more childhood memories that are dead. News today has surfaced that Nintendo Power is going the way of the Virtual Boy. Future Publishing said they were going to halt the monthly magazine and that Nintendo showed no interest in picking up the licence again to try and save it. Now granted […]