Don’t Try To Dig What We All Say: Trey’s Games Of The Generation Pt. 2

Check out Part 1 of the list here. Metro 2033 (Xbox 360) While working for GameStop, one upshot was that we sometimes came across titles that might have gone unnoticed. A few examples include Demon’s Souls, The Saboteur, and Metro 2033. Erich gets full credit for checking it out initially, but he quickly brought me […]

Don’t Try To Dig What We All Say: Trey’s Games Of The Generation Pt. 1

A little over a year ago, the powers-that-be in gaming decided that the time had come, and released the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, bringing to a close the longest console “generation” in gaming history: Seven years for the PlayStation 3, eight for the Xbox 360. This nearly decade-long era saw major shifts in […]

Nerd Rating’s 2015 Gaming Predictions

Scott 1. Starfox and Zelda Wii U will release in 2015. Nintendo has said that Starfox will be playable at E3 and set for release this year. Zelda is also supposed to release this year, but I think many doubt Nintendo can make good on that. I think they know what situation the Wii U […]

2014: A Year Of Surprises. Erich’s Game Of The Year

Surprise, your game does not work. Surprise, this game is awesome. Surprise, you bought the rights to a game without faces. Game Of The Year Dragon Age: Inquisition No one who knows me will be surprised by a Bioware game being my GOTY, but this is more than that. Inquisition checked off almost all of […]

Demons, Dragons And Dropships: Trey’s Game Of The Year 2014

It is, of course, that time of year again, when we look at the hours upon hours of time spent in front of our TVs and monitors and try to sift through it all and proclaim “These fourteen hours! These fourteen arbitrary hours were the best!” I played an astonishingly small number of games to […]

That’s So 2014: Scott’s Game Of The Year (And More) Extravaganza

Game of the Year South Park: The Stick of Truth Look at some of the achievements for this game and you know what to expect: shit your pants during a boss battle, find Jesus while playing as a Jew, fart on 100 animals, join the KKK. South Park fans would not be surprised by this. […]

What If We Lived Out Our Video Games? The folks at Buzzfeed have answered that question with this new video. Now we aren’t talking about jumping out of a plane with no parachute or going Carmageddon on everyone but rather what will you do with the 746 wheels of cheese you have stored in one of your Skyrim homes. Of all of these, […]

WWE 2K14 Asks You To “Become Immortal” In First Trailer For The Game

If you were watching RAW last night then you probably caught the unveiling of the WWE 2K14 cover which features The Rock (as you can see above). Now take a look at the first trailer for the newly minted 2K Sports title. I hope they can keep the momentum going from last year’s game which […]

Trailer For Marvel Super Heroes Teases Galactus

Lego is expanding their video game empire even more this fall with the release of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. A new teaser trailer has just been released and it shows off the shadow of the main villain which is Galactus. Then Tony Stark makes a quip because well…he’s Tony Stark. Lego Marvel Super Heroes releases […]