Life Lesson: Never Question A Gaming Girl. Want An Example?

This post is two-fold. First, for all the real gaming girls out there I will say that I respect the ever-loving hell out of you. This society may be run by nerds now, but I am sure some of you get plenty of flak from other groups of women sometimes for what you love to […]

Win A Free Strategy Guide For Bioshock Infinite!!!

We here at Nerd Rating are in love with Bioshock Infinite. We will be doing a dual review for the game like we did for Tomb Raider last month. We are enjoying the game so much that we want one of our lucky readers to be able to get everything out of this amazing work […]

Retro Achievement List: Goldeneye

Previously on Retro Achievement List: We here at Nerd Rating love achievements and trophies. We are admitted whores for them, but when you think about it, the practice of gamerscores is only seven years old with the introduction of the Xbox 360. We have 30 years of backlogged video games that need to be updated! […]

Follow Us On Twitter And Win A Copy Of The Hobbit On Blu-Ray!!

  How about a contest to get the juices flowing?? It is simple as can be. We just want you to go give us a follow over on our Twitter and once we hit 100 followers we will be giving away a copy of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Blu-Ray/DVD. Be sure and let your friends […]

Rock Band Store Dies At 5 This April

While the release of new music games has pretty much been put six feet under Harmonix has been releasing weekly content to their ever expanding library. Now, it seems, that it can fight no more. April 2nd will be the last week of content release for the Rock Band store bringing to an end an […]

Will The Playstation 4 Be Announced On February 20th?

Sony attempted to break the internet last night when they simultaneously announced on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages that “the future of Playstation” would be announced at a news conference on February 20th. This instantly has everyone believing that this is where Sony will officially unveil the Playstation 4. But wait, I hear you exclaiming. […]