SCIENCE ALERT! Researchers create quantum bit. Quantum Leap just got real, ya’ll.

Researchers recently created the first qubit (quantum bit), a critical ingredient in building quantum computers. You heard me. The epic computers of your favorite sci-fi fantasy are going to be here faster than 1980’s Scott Bakula can put on a white leotard and be engulfed in blue flames. Somehow these scientists figured out how to manipulate the direction […]

New Iron Man 3 Poster

Another day, another Iron Man 3 poster. Apparently Disney has taken the patented “Harry Potter poster route” and plans to release twenty-three separate posters before the movie hits. This one has Tony and Pepper in an embrace. Tony better be careful because holding Pepper that close might become embarrassing. DING Yeah, I went there. An […]

New Trailer For Iron Man 3 Is Here!

Excited yet for Iron Man 3? Well if you aren’t then the new trailer just released today should do the trick. We get a bunch of new footage and a good look at every character including Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin and Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. Tony Stark is left a changed man after the events of […]

New Iron Man 3 Poster Shows Tony’s Marks

And the Iron Man 3 poster bonanza keeps on rolling! Today we get a final one sheet showing a beaten to hell Tony floating atop a piece of debris as all the different versions of his suit take off around him. Rumors suggest that during the film Tony makes an Iron Man army that he controls […]

Iron Man 3 Will Have Collector’s Glasses For 3D Showings

Marvel is ready to make this May’s release of Iron Man 3 something to remember with four special edition 3D glasses for the film. The pairs include Iron Man, Tony Stark, War Machine and Iron Patriot. There will be a small extra for the glasses which will bring the total cost of a nighttime showing […]

New Iron Man 3 Poster

Paramount and Marvel have released a new poster for Iron Man 3. In it our dear friend Tony Stark appears to be free falling to Earth as his suit breaks apart. Director Shane Black seems to be taking Tony down a dark road in this third installment of the franchise. With the tone of the […]

How To Build Stark Tower In Lego Marvel Super Heroes

This video from the good folks at Game Informer gives us a look at the interior of the Star Tower level in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. In it you see Tony Stark, Captain America and Hulk in Tony’s workshop while showing off a little bit of the puzzles involving small RC helicopters and Cap’s shield. You […]

Watch The Iron Man 3 Trailer

Tony Stark Is Back And Things Are Not Well. The first trailer for next year’s Iron Man 3 is here and it is taking Tony Stark to a dark place. The movie is being directed by Shane Black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fame who knows a thing or two about action movies and hopefully can give […]