До свидания, Артём – Metro: Last Light Review

Before I launch into the review proper, I’d like to ask that you take the time to read my retrospective on Metro 2033. Whether you’ve played it or not, it will help establish my history with the series going forward. If you don’t have the time, I’ll paraphrase: Metro 2033 was a completely unexpected surprise, […]

войти в метро – A Metro 2033 Retrospective

A few months ago, I decided that the weeks leading up to the release of Metro: Last Light would be a good time to play 2033 again. I played through the game two full times when it was released; my initial playthrough, and then a more in-depth playthrough that netted me the “good” ending. I […]

Nordic Games Swoops In And Purchases Darksiders, Red Faction, More.

Talk about a freaking deal! Relative unknown Nordic Games acquired almost all of the remaining THQ franchises today for the sum of $4.9 million. That includes over 150 titles including the franchises Darksiders, Red Faction and Destroy All Humans. Only two other titles (Homeworld and Drawn to Life) were purchased by other companies (Gearbox and […]

Saint’s Row IV Will Take You From Crack House To White House On Aug. 20

Deep Silver is looking to make some money off of their $22 million dollar acquisition of Volition sooner rather than later. They have officially announced that Saint’s Row IV will release on August 20th, a full month before Grand Theft Auto V. The company has said that the previously announced DLC for Saint’s Row The […]

2K Games WWE Deal Finalized, WWE 2K14 Coming This Fall

WWE officially has a new home for video games. Take Two and the sports entertainment company finalized a new five year deal that will see 2K Sports take over the license beginning with the re-branded WWE 2K14. The Japanese developer Yuke’s will still be handling duties on the game as they did with THQ which, […]

Has Take Two Snatched Up The WWE License?

  In the wake of THQ’s auction which saw their properties and studios sold off, one glaring party left out was the WWE name. Some have said that EA was in the market to pick up the sports entertainment brand but they have denied those rumors because we know how EA doesn’t like to buy franchises […]

THQ Officially No More, Assets Sold, Employees Laid Off

One of the saddest episodes in gaming is now done. THQ sold off their assets to other developers and publishers and anyone who did not work for one of the companies sold are being laid off. For the past year THQ has been limping along and filed for bankruptcy last month. A few weeks ago […]

THQ Offers Another Massive Game Sale

In the wake of THQ’s “fire auction” sale on Tuesday in which all of the companies developers and game properties will be sold off to the highest bidder, the company has a huge sale going on Amazon.com. For just $25 you will get an incredible 19 games to download including Darksiders 1&2, Homefront, Metro 2033 […]

THQ Files For Bankruptcy

THQ has filed for Chapter 11 (the good kind…if there is one) bankruptcy but has also secured a buyer for the company all in one fell swoop. Look, I am not an expert in bankruptcy laws but the basic setup is that THQ formally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy while letting Clearlake Capital Group LLC […]

Reserve Metro: Last Light, Get Limited Edition Free

Fans of the Metro series got some good news today. THQ is upgrading anyone who pre-orders [amazon_link id=”B0053BSMYW” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Metro: Last Light[/amazon_link] to the limited edition for free. The limited edition will include extra weapons and equipment. Not only that but anyone that pre-orders the game over the Playstation Network will receive a free […]