Terminator: Genisys Trailer Is Impressive, Almost Makes Up For Bad Name

http://youtu.be/62E4FJTwSuc Maybe this whole Terminator reboot thing will work after all. Just a few spots that give me hope: -Arnold -Come with me if you want to live. -Sarah Conner kicking ass -I’ll be back -A f***ing T-1000. I thought Terminator: Salvation was a decent movie. This trailer is better than it. Terminator: Genisys releases […]

New Terminator Title Is The Epitome Of A Facepalm

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted the above picture revealing the title of Terminator: Genesis. We already knew the title, but it can’t ever be that simple. As you can see the title is Terminator: Genisys. Normally the red squiggle under that word I typed means I have fucked up, but now it just means Hollywood because, reasons. […]

Thou Tis Not Prepared For Terminator 2 Spoken As The Bard

There is really no way to prepare you for this other than to just lay it all out there. This group in Nashville have made Terminator 2 into a play called Terminator the Second which takes the James Cameron action classic and gives it the Shakespeare treatment. It is two things you never thought of […]

Hollywood In 2015: Something’s Gotta Give

We are all used to big summer movie seasons. It is a part of movie culture and it is one of the few reasons to actually get excited about sweating your balls (or other various parts) off in the baking sun. But is Hollywood headed for a year of heartbreak? Two years from now will […]

New Terminator Joins Already Crowded 2015 Schedule

Seriously, how many weeks are left in the 2015 summer movie season that do not have a huge ass movie opening?? Paramount has announced that the fifth film in the Terminator series will be released on June 26, 2015 and be the beginning of a new trilogy of films. Whether this will be a completely […]