Damn Night, You Scary: Dying Light Review

I spent exactly 30 hours and 8 minutes on Dying Light. Much more than I thought I would going into it. There was still plenty left to do. I left some side missions alone and could have just spent more time exploring Harran. It is a game that could easily pass the 40 hour mark. […]

Dying Light Shows Nine Minutes Of Gameplay. I Want This

http://youtu.be/ioM4UcNDiO0 Say what you will about the Dead Island games, they may be buggy as hell but I love to play them. The more I see of Techland’s next zombie game, Dying Light, the more I am ready to get my Mirror’s Edge skills back in shape for the zombie apocalypse. Watch the new video […]

Dying Light: When Mirror’s Edge Meets The Walking Dead?

Dead Island developer Techland is back and they are staying in the genre that made them famous: zombies. Dying Light is a first-person action game that will have you thinking more Mirror’s Edge with zombies than just another Dead Island. The new E3 trailer for the game is just as well made at the original […]