Lightbox Interactive Forced To Layoff Employees.

Starhawk Developer To Focus On iOS Development. In some sad news it was announced by Lightbox Interactive’s founder and president Dylan Jobe that the company would be cutting 24 jobs from their workforce and would be getting out of developing games for consoles, instead focusing on iOS games. Jobe has asserted that the company is […]

Review: Little Big Planet PS Vita

Can Sack Boy Save The Vita? It has been a rough summer for Vita owners. After the system’s initial launch there has not been much to be truly excited about. The games have been on a slow trickle out to retail with Gravity Rush being a small bright spot. There are only so many PS […]

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Release Date Announced

Next February Just Got More Crowded . Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be coming on February 5, 2013 just in time to join a crowded month which includes the likes of Bioshock, Metal Gear and Dead Space. Fans have waited almost seven years on the stealthy raccoon’s PS3 debut. The game was originally slated for […]

Sony Shows Off Lighter, Thinner PS3.

Two New Models And Bundles Announced Sony started off TGS 2012 by revealing what had been leaked weeks ago, that we would be getting a new model for the Playstation 3. The new model is 20% smaller than the current “slim” version and weighs 25% less. The system will come in a 250GB and 500GB versions […]

Playstation 4 May Run At 4K Resolution

  Sony wants your Playstation 4 (or Orbis, who knows) to look very, very clear. Rumors are circulating that Sony’s next iteration of the Playstation will come ready to support the high resolution televisions. Right now the only way that will happen is if you are worth more than most Sony executives since their own […]