“I’m The Smart One.” Crimes And Punishments: Sherlock Holmes Review

Developer Frogwares has been producing Sherlock Holmes games since 2002 for the PC, PS3, Xbox, DS and 3DS. I have not played any of them, not because of any negative reaction, but rather, because I admit my ignorance in not knowing about them (or not paying attention if I actually saw them). I decided to […]

Star Wars Spinoff Movies Confirmed, Will Center On Young Han And Boba Fett

In news that really didn’t surprise anyone, Disney is damn sure going to get their $4 billion worth out of the Star Wars license. In other news that may surprise, the rumored standalone Star Wars films that will center on stories outside the new trilogy are officially happening with Empire scribe Lawrence Kasdan and Sherlock […]

Star Wars Episodes VIII And IX Have Their Screenwriters

New Trilogy Begins To Take Shape. You thought Disney was on the ball by getting Michael Arndt so quickly to begin work on Episode VII? Well here’s proof that they aren’t playing around with getting this new trilogy into theaters. Disney has gotten Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to serve as writers and producers on […]