That’s So 2014: Scott’s Game Of The Year (And More) Extravaganza

Game of the Year South Park: The Stick of Truth Look at some of the achievements for this game and you know what to expect: shit your pants during a boss battle, find Jesus while playing as a Jew, fart on 100 animals, join the KKK. South Park fans would not be surprised by this. […]

I Ran (So Far Away). Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Review

Discretion Is The Better Part Of…You Know I crouched down looking at the number of orcs occupying the valley below me. There were around seven, though that did not stop my arrogance. I can take them. I leapt down and began swinging my sword and countering attacks. I got this, I have played the Batman: […]

The Making of Shadow Of Mordor. WB Games have released a new video documenting the making of Monolith’s Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor. I have been looking forward to this since early this year. Many who have played demos have praised the game for its “nemesis system” which has you dealing with the hierarchy of orcs and how the game lets […]