2015 Royal Rumble Will Be 40 Entrants. Take A Number And Have A Seat

A big announcement was made at the Smackdown tapings from Philadelphia. The 2015 Royal Rumble (that will be in Philly) would include 40 wrestlers instead of 30. This was done once before in 2011 when Alberto Del Rio won. I said a big announcement, maybe above average works more. Anyway, now that we have ten […]

Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Royal Rumble 2014 Recap

Last night’s PPV was a turning point for the WWE and not just in the normal way when the Royal Rumble begins the setup for WrestleMania. Neither was this turning point a good thing for the company but it may, in fact, be a good thing for fans of “sports entertainment”. Fans have had enough […]

Seven Royal Rumble Moments…Just Because

This Sunday will be the 27th annual Royal Rumble event so I figured I would quickly put up some of my favorite moments from the show. There are only seven items, because I actually would like you to have the time to see them all, and because I wanted to leave plenty of room for […]

Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Raw Recap (1/20/14)

The Eyes of Kenneth Mars seduce you into watching Raw. You will do anything the eyes say. You will watch a large, muscular man fit into clothes that were made for a 18 year old anorexic GAP model. You will cheer him for his name is….Bautista! I mean Batista! Almost four years after leaving, Batista […]