Damian Wayne Is Dead. What Does This Mean For Future Batman Titles?

  In case the news did not pass you yesterday, a rather huge event happened in the Bat-universe with the death of Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian. Now, the current Robin was certainly a dick for most of the time the character has been written, but really wouldn’t you be also if you were raised like […]

Lego Announces Huge New Arkham Asylum Set

Yes, It’s Expensive. It’s Lego. Lego Lord of the Rings may be getting a bulk of the Lego love this fall but Batman has a huge new set coming soon. Releasing in January and only costing a cool $160 this Arkham Asylum set contains 1,351 pieces and is the largest set Lego has made for […]

Review: Lego Batman 2

I know what you are initially thinking, Lego games are a dime a dozen. From Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and later on this year with the Lord of the Rings, Lego and developers Traveler’s Tales have invaded every facet of movies and pop culture. Some have been winners (Star Wars) and […]