District 9 Director Shows Off His Alien Film Concept Work

Neill Blomkamp made a big splash with his debut film District 9 in 2009. It was nominated for Best Picture in the process. I did not like it as many did, but did think his next release, Elysium, was more my style. His next film, Chappie, releases this March. The director took to his Instagram […]

See The Trailer For Alien: Isolation DLC “Crew Expendable”, Featuring The Voices Of Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt & Yaphet Kotto

  Alien: Isolation was already near the top of my list for new games this year. Everything I have seen from the new game by The Creative Assembly made me believe that they knew just what Alien fans were expecting, especially after being violated by Gearbox with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Now with the DLC titled Crew […]

Alien: Isolation Wants To Make You Think, Not Learn Patterns

http://youtu.be/4ojvl6t_6K8 Alien: Isolation is very high up on my list of games to play in 2014 and for good reason. It sets you in a giant space station with little to no weapons and one smart xenomorph, then tells you to survive. The Creative Assembly is developing Alien: Isolation as a survival game set firmly […]