On the Shoulders of Giants: Trey’s Titanfall Review

Yesterday, for the first time in years, I took an entire day off doing one single thing: Playing a video game. With the exception of breaks for meals, doing some laundry between matches, and reading a chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring before bed, I didn’t do anything yesterday other than play Titanfall. In […]

Titanfall’s Max Player Count Is Six Vs. Six. Everybody Calm Down

Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment, developer of Titanfall, revealed on Twitter that the maximum players on a map will be twelve consisting of two teams of six. He stated that that number of players felt right with the A.I. bots that will also be occupying the maps. As with everything, the internet has become foaming […]

Titanfall Confirmed as 100% Microsoft Exclusive *Updated*

Exclusives are nothing new to the game industry, but recent years have seen developers and publishers opting for time-limited exclusivity contracts: A title – or even extra content – starts out on only one system, but eventually moves to all platforms. When Titanfall showed up with only Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC versions announce, […]

Titanfall Releasing March 11th, Collector’s Edition Cost Half An Xbox One

Everything about Titanfall is big. The game itself has had nothing but big talk and big impressions since its announcement at E3. You get to control big mechs called titans and now the collector’s edition is going big also. Developer Respawn has announced that [amazon_link id=”B00DB9JYFY” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Titanfall[/amazon_link] will release on March 11, 2014 […]

The Titanfall Gamescom Trailer Almost Makes The Xbox One An Easy Sell

Titanfall already blew everyone away at E3 winning the majority of the “best of show” awards there were to give out. I don’t even play multiplayer shooters that much and it had me trying to figure out how much I could get for a kidney to buy an [amazon_link id=”B00CMQTVMI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Xbox One[/amazon_link]. […]

Titanfall Box Art Is Full Of Titan, Little On Fall

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall was one of the most talked about titles at this year’s E3 and for good reason. It looked beyond beautiful and was a shooter fans wet dream. Huge multiplayer battles with jetpacks, jumping off walls and the pure nerd delight of all the mech action easily makes this the killer app for […]