I Didn’t Know You Were Called Dennis: The Order: 1886 Review

The Order’s story is too short. The Order’s cutscenes are too long. It is a Gears of War clone. Blah blah blah. The question I asked myself after finishing The Order, despite all the previous complaints from other reviews being true, did I have fun with The Order: 1886? Yes. Yes, I did. Alright. Good […]

Just For Pun: Rating The Order: 1886 Review Subtitles

Reviews for the PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 have been middling at best. I will be reviewing the game when I pick it up and from what most reviews have said, it shouldn’t take me long to finish (it never does). We will take a different approach to The Order since I have no review to offer […]

Sony Bundling The Last Of Us With PS4’s Again (Permanently?)

Remember when you would open up the box to your new NES and had a copy of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt ready to play? Your SNES with Super Mario World? Seems like Sony is going back to the days of that. The Last of Us bundle that Sony sold over the holidays will be making its […]

Nerd Rating’s 2015 Gaming Predictions

Scott 1. Starfox and Zelda Wii U will release in 2015. Nintendo has said that Starfox will be playable at E3 and set for release this year. Zelda is also supposed to release this year, but I think many doubt Nintendo can make good on that. I think they know what situation the Wii U […]

Get Victorian With 15 Minutes Of Gameplay From The Order:1886

Fall 2014 has been a weird gaming period for me. I liked Destiny (while it lasted), lost many hours to Shadow of Mordor then came disappointment. I have not connected with Dragon Age much, Far Cry 4 could not hold a candle to its predecessor and WWE 2K15 has been an utter fart in the […]

Bloodborne Releasing February 6th. Collector’s Edition And New Trailer Shown

Dark Souls publisher FromSoftware’s PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne, will release on February 6, 2015. This was announced at TGS today (or last night, I don’t do time change) as well as the news that a collector’s edition will be available. As you can see it is a scaled down collector’s edition which is what these things […]

Sony Shows Off “Project Morpheus” VR Headset

Sony had a surprise for everyone at GDC 2014. They unveiled a VR headset codenamed “Project Morpheus” for the Playstation 4. The Oculus Rift has been the big name in VR for the past year and it seems like Sony wants a piece of the futuristic pie. Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president and great […]

Eight Minutes Of Infamous: Second Son Gameplay

http://youtu.be/YuoaTagkgOI Don’t worry PS4 owners. While Xbox One is enjoying the release of Titanfall this week you are only a week away from Infamous: Second Son. While it is nothing like Titanfall, it is good to have an exclusive title to enjoy. Check out this video just released that shows eight minutes of gameplay from the […]

MLB 14 Releasing In May For PS4. Screenshots Make Your Eyes Bleed

Sony San Diego has announced that MLB 14 will release on April 1st on PS3 and Vita and see a PS4 release a month later in May. The real kicker here is the new screenshots that were shown from the PS4 version which should be met with proper use of profanity to show just how […]