Dhalsim: Kicking Ass For Peace Since 1991

http://youtu.be/L_8DtS3zzJo Ever wanted someone to call Dhalsim out on all his bullshit? Like why he practices yoga, a spiritual meditation of peace, and then kicks in people’s faces? Pete Holmes does just that here in his newest Street Fighter video featuring Kumail Nanjiani. Thankfully there are no extending body parts here. Yes, I am talking […]

Pete Holmes Is Ready For Some “Fun In The Chun”

http://youtu.be/_jdi0MWW-gw Pete Holmes has already taken Ryu to task about the new standards and practices for Street Fighter, now he has to do the same for Chun-Li. Let’s just all accept that growing up playing Street Fighter we did not always pick Chun-Li because of her fighting skills, but because of her short skirt, long […]

Pete Holmes Hits Ryu With The Legal Business

http://youtu.be/xbHLQAthI7M The Pete Holmes Show returns with new episodes on February 24th and he is taking on a different set of opponents this season. Last year he played Professor X and took all of the X-Men to task about how horrible they really were. Now it looks like the world of video games is in […]

Wolverine Was Just The First. Now Gambit Gets Axed By Professor X

Professor X is on a roll with these X-Men layoffs. First, it was Wolverine and now everyone’s favorite Cajun is taken to task. Is anyone safe in this economy? If it is affecting The X-Men, no one is safe. Laissez les bons temps rouler. http://youtu.be/oSfpEG3SFc8

Professor X Sends Wolverine To The Unemployment Line

http://youtu.be/mhko3m7D6UA Comedian Pete Holmes, whose Funny or Die Batman videos are already stuff of internet legend, is back and this time he is taking on Wolverine’s uselessness as a member of The X-Men. He brings up the most obvious argument of their main villain being able to manipulate metal. Hilarity ensues…bub.