Nerd Is As Nerd Does- Wanderings

I just got back from a late-afternoon walk, something I’m trying to do now that winter has released its grasp from “North of the Wall.” At a recent physical, the doctor told me that I am in moderate shape, but I need more physical activity; unsurprisingly, hours spent in front of a television, monitor, or […]

An Xbox Lover’s First Impression: Scott’s Xbox One Thoughts

I love my Xbox 360. It is my console of choice for this last generation. Now don’t get me wrong, I still play my PS3 religiously, but whenever a multi-console game has come out (which is 85% of releases) I instinctively get it for the 360. I am an admitted achievement whore and I prefer […]

“Durango NextBox 720 Fusion” : Trey’s Take on the Xbox One Event

I’d like to start by saying that I was not able to watch the presentation “live,” but I was following the event on several gaming sites and social media. The overall impression I got, and the feeling I arrived at after reading some posts and watching some of the demonstrations, was “Meh. Where are our […]