Don’t Try To Dig What We All Say: Trey’s Games Of The Generation Pt. 1

A little over a year ago, the powers-that-be in gaming decided that the time had come, and released the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, bringing to a close the longest console “generation” in gaming history: Seven years for the PlayStation 3, eight for the Xbox 360. This nearly decade-long era saw major shifts in […]

E3 2014- Damn, Is 2015 Going To Be Awesome

    E3 is over. While that may make you sad to hear, remember that E3 is not the end all of gaming shows. Hell, if we are being honest it is barely holding onto third best show after Gamescom and PAX and followed by TGS in fourth. If this year’s E3 taught us anything […]

Tactical Espionage Analysis: A Look At Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

It’s been nearly two months since Hideo Kojima let the world get a taste of Metal Gear Solid V with the “prequel” entitled Ground Zeroes; the full game, The Phantom Pain, does not yet have a solid release window. According to Kojima, the intention of Ground Zeroes is to introduce players to the new mechanics […]

Review Roundup: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Snaaaaaaaaaake! I couldn’t resist. I apologize. Today is the release of the uber-demo Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which leads into the full game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While the game’s length may have been a point of contention for fans, the reviews suggest that the fun you will have should […]

This One Time, On The Internet- February 25, 2014

Our new feature will give you the quick hits from the world of the interwebs in movies, games, TV, ballroom dancing, lighting fixtures, whatever catches our eye. Movies Star Wars Episode VII There are reports from multiple sites and sources that both Benedict Cumberbatch AND Gary Oldman are set for the next Star Wars directed […]

How Short Is Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes? Is “Da Fuq?” An Answer?

The new issue of Game Informer has all kinds of Snake fun with coverage of Metal Gear Solid V, but it is news about the game’s prequel, Ground Zeroes, that is making all the kerfuffle. BTW- kerfuffle is an actual word. No spell check went off so I had to see for myself. It seems that […]

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Sneaks Home Spring 2014

The wait for your next Metal Gear experience won’t be as long as you may think. Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, the prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, will release Spring 2014 for 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. It will be available by digital download and […]

Tactical Espionage Analysis: Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection

In my previous MGS post, I spoke about my excitement for the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, and how it sparked the thought to start this trip through the series. So before I get started writing about the original Metal Gear – which I have, in truth never gotten to play before now – I […]

Tactical Espionage Analysis : The Metal Gear Phenomenon

    In the early hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 1998, I awoke as usual and snuck upstairs to peer at what Santa had left under the tree, careful not to wake my grandfather as he slept and “kept watch” on the couch. As I crept back to my room in the […]

Excited About Pacific Rim? Not As Much As Hideo Kojima.

Pacific Rim does not release until July 12th, but early screenings are taking place and if Hideo Kojima has anything to say about it then this may be the movie of the summer (and not just for us Americans). The Metal Gear Solid creator sent out a series of tweets building up the Guillermo del […]