Trey’s Thoughts: Star Wars Expanded Universe

Last week, Lucasfilm released a statement regarding the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The basic gist of the statement is that all EU materials are officially non-canonical; only the six Star Wars films and the Clone Wars animated show are considered irrevocable canon moving forward. New entries into the series, such as the upcoming Rebels series […]

Disney Lays Off 150 LucasArts Employees. Changes To A Licensing Model.

Well it appears the honeymoon is over for Lucas and Disney. Shit got business real today when Disney laid off 150 employees at LucasArts and said that it would become a “licensing model” and stop internal development and publishing. Effectively this means that Disney just killed LucasArts, makers of games like Rebel Assault, Rogue Squadron, […]

Why Is Star Wars: 1313 Not Moving Forward?

Way back when at E3 2012, Lucasarts showed off amazing looking footage for a brand new Star Wars game titled Star Wars: 1313. It was dark and gritty and it was beautiful. So much so that when the show was over debate began on whether this was actually our first look at a true next-gen […]

Zack Snyder Is Developing A New Star Wars Movie (UPDATED: Maybe Not)

So I will just let that title soak in for a second………………………………………………. Yes, you read that correct. Vulture is reporting that the director of 300, Watchmen and this summer’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, is indeed hard at work developing a Star Wars movie that will not be a part of the planned trilogy from Disney. […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Flying In Soon (UPDATED!!!)

The Force Continues To Be Strong With Rovio When billionaires get together, what happens? They get richer. Rovio and George Lucas are getting in bed together by bringing Angry Birds Star Wars to your cell phones. Not just that but a full plethora of items will be accompanying the huge team-up of franchises. There will be […]