New God Of War: Ascension Video Takes You Inside The Motion Capture Studio

A new video released by Sony shows the team at Sony: Santa Monica hard at work in the motion capture studio with actors T.C. Carson (Kratos), Jennifer Hale (FemShep, I mean Lysandra) and Troy Baker (Orkos). The three are suited up in spandex and balls which sounds like fun but they are just motion capture […]

God Of War: Ascension ‘From Ashes’ Live Action Trailer

So the guesses were correct the other day when Sony teased us with a short trailer showing a woman walking through a field. It is, in fact, Kratos’ wife as you can see by watching the full version below. Called “From Ashes”, the live action trailer shows Kratos holding his daughter. She soon begins to break […]

God Of War Legacy Bundle, For The Kratos Fanatic In All Of Us

Sony has revealed the God Of War Legacy Bundle, which will coincide with the release of God of War: Ascension this March. The set comes with a garnet red Playstation 3, God of War Saga (which contains God of War 1&2 from PS2 and God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghosts of Sparta from PSP), a […]

Sony’s Mysterious Game Day 2013 Trailer

A video has been put up by Sony on their YouTube channel titled Game Day 2013. In the short 16 second teaser a woman is shown walking in a field and then a demonic yellow eye is shown with the date February 1, 2013. Right off the bat I think it is most likely Kratos’ […]

The Last Of Us Demo Packed In With God Of War: Ascension

Are you finding it hard to get excited for Kratos’ next adventure in what may be the biggest spring in gaming history? Sony wants to help you with that by offering the first official demo for Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic game [amazon_link id=”B007CM0K86″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Last of Us[/amazon_link] with copies of God of War: Ascension. […]

God Of War: Ascension Single Player Trailer

Sony has released this 30 second video for [amazon_link id=”B0050SXCQ6″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]God of War: Ascension[/amazon_link]. In it, Kratos is chained up and is all mopey and depressing. You know…Kratos. Then he gets all revenge-y and we see some great looking gameplay that the series is always known for. Go check out the video […]

God Of War: Ascension Pre-Order Extra Is Sparta Approved.

How About Some Leonidas With Your Kratos? In today’s video game culture it is normal to have different retailers offer you assorted pre-order bonuses to get you to reserve a game at their store. Gamestop may have jumped the Spartan shark with their latest bit of offer for the upcoming God of War: Ascension. When […]