Jurassic World Trailer Opens The Park…You Know Where This is Going

http://youtu.be/RFinNxS5KN4 Star Lord vs. dinosaurs. Who you got? Humanity will never learn from John Hammond’s mistakes because if they did, we would have no need for a Jurassic World movie. It seems that his dream of having the park be affordable for everyone came true. Just means more people to eat this go round. Bonus […]

This One Time, On The Internet- February 28, 2014

Movies Gravity Sandra Bullock could make up to $70 million for her performance in the Oscar-nominated movie. She made $20 million for signing on and will make 15% of the total gross which sits at around $700 million worldwide as well as about $20 million from DVD/Blu-Ray sales, TV deals, etc. And yet, I will […]