Jurassic Parks & Recreation Trailer Already Wins 2015

http://youtu.be/pyuGyq22Ris I would like to present the award for “The Whole Internet” to the folks behind this trailer which is too much awesome sauce to handle. We knew these types of mash-ups would happen, but I did not expect to have a clear winner this early.

Jurassic World Trailer Opens The Park…You Know Where This is Going

http://youtu.be/RFinNxS5KN4 Star Lord vs. dinosaurs. Who you got? Humanity will never learn from John Hammond’s mistakes because if they did, we would have no need for a Jurassic World movie. It seems that his dream of having the park be affordable for everyone came true. Just means more people to eat this go round. Bonus […]

Can The Jurassic Theme Played As A Metal Song Make A Grown Man Love Again?

The answer is yes. Yes it can. This is Eric Calderone and he has a host of YouTube videos of him replaying movie and TV show themes (he even does Call Me Maybe) as metal songs, but there has always been something about the Jurassic Park theme that has stayed with me even 20 years after […]

Jurassic Park 4 Now Called Jurassic World. Release Date Set

The fourth trip to Jurassic Park may be getting a bit larger than we thought. The movie has been officially titled Jurassic World and has a release date of June 12, 2015. I am more than ready for another dino adventure and only require three things to get excited. 1. Jeff Goldblum 2. Raptors (the […]

Hollywood In 2015: Something’s Gotta Give

We are all used to big summer movie seasons. It is a part of movie culture and it is one of the few reasons to actually get excited about sweating your balls (or other various parts) off in the baking sun. But is Hollywood headed for a year of heartbreak? Two years from now will […]

Retro Achievement List: The Lost World (PS1)

As my Jurassic Park IMAX 3D review indicated, I’ve always been a big fan of dinosaurs, and video games – especially ones where you got to play as dinos – are no exception. Jurassic Park itself had innumerable game adaptations; I owned one for the PC, two for the GameBoy, and played the Genesis version […]

Life Finds a Way: A Discussion and Review of Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D

Earlier this month, Jurassic Park finally got a stand-alone blu-ray release; it had previously only been available as part of a trilogy boxed set. The kicker – as in it kicked me right in the gut – is that this is the “Twentieth Anniversary Edition” release. Now, I’m not usually one for fretting over the […]

Jurassic Life: A Jurassic Park Half-Life 2 Mod That Is A Wonder To Behold

Hold On To Your Butts. A team of programmers have spent over six years developing this [amazon_link id=”B004KKXMSI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Jurassic Park[/amazon_link] mod for Half-Life 2 called Jurassic Life. Now six years is a long time to be working on the game but when you take into account how small the group developing the […]

Jurassic Park 3D Trailer

20 Years Flies By… Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time. I still remember vividly standing in line at the age of 12 ready to see dinosaurs brought back to life. The movie went beyond my young expectations and has held up even now almost twenty years later. Now to celebrate […]