Review: We’re The Millers

We’re the Millers is about transformation. The characters transform both in appearance and attitude and as the film moves forward they begin to adopt the characteristics of their false personalities. Now you would think that from those first two sentences this is a deeper movie than you would expect. It really isn’t. It is a […]

Brand New Red Band Trailer For We’re The Millers

We are under a week away the release of We’re the Millers. I have been looking forward to this more than any comedy release this year and this new red band trailer simply re-affirms that thought. Jason Sudeikis, sporting a beautiful porn stache, and the dirty-thought inducing Jennifer Aniston introduce the trailer which is a […]

You Want To Watch The Red Band Trailer For We’re The Millers…Trust Me

How quickly can a movie make it to the top of the list of my most looked forward to comedies of the year? Let me count the ways: 1. Jennifer Aniston going full striptease. 2. Nick Offerman with a handlebar mustache fingering Jason Sudeikis’ ear. 3. Eustace from The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the […]