Retro Achievement List: Goldeneye

Previously on Retro Achievement List: We here at Nerd Rating love achievements and trophies. We are admitted whores for them, but when you think about it, the practice of gamerscores is only seven years old with the introduction of the Xbox 360. We have 30 years of backlogged video games that need to be updated! […]

Academy Awards Plans Tribute To James Bond

Last year was James Bond’s 50th anniversary and with Skyfall being the best reviewed and highest grossing Bond film ever the Academy has decided to celebrate the character during the upcoming 85th Academy Awards in February that will include a special sequence. No details were given on what that would include. It could be something […]

Review: Skyfall

Celebrating Bond’s 50th With The Best? I watched my first Bond movie when I was nine years old. The movie was Goldfinger and although I did not understand any of the sexual innuendo what I did get was that this James Bond guy was one smooth customer. He always had the answers and the way […]

Listen To Adele’s Theme For Skyfall

Bringing Bond Themes Back To The Good Old Days. For months Grammy winning artist Adele has been dropping hints that she had something big in the works and most assumed that it would be the theme for the 23rd James Bond adventure Skyfall. That news was confirmed a few weeks back and last night the […]