iPhone 5C Announced. Will Sell For $99 And $199

The rumored iPhone 5C became real today as Apple announced that it would replace the iPhone 5 starting on September 20th. The new model will come with polycarbonate plastic covers in multiple colors and will retail for $99 for the 16GB and $199 for 32GB. Along with this, it was announced that the 4S would […]

iPhone 5S To Launch With Different Colors, 6 In 2014 With Larger Screen?

An analyst for Jeffries has stated that he believes that the iPhone 6 will launch in 2014 with an even larger screen than its predecessor, the iPhone 5. He also went on to say the iPhone 5S will launch this summer with the 4″ screen that is standard on the 5’s now, but that Apple […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Headed To iPhone & iPad. Mac Version Dated.

At PAX East it was announced that XCOM: Enemy Unknown would be released for the Mac on April 25th, but an even bigger surprise was in store for fans of the strategy series. It will also be making its way onto the iPhone and iPad and that it will be the full version of the […]

Marvel & DC iPhone Cases Go Big, Adorable

Big and bulky you say? How about insane and amazing? These iPhone cases are made by Huckleberry and feature a host of Marvel and DC characters. Hard shell in design and meant to take a beating, these will be available by March and run between $29 and $39. There is a Wonder Woman version also […]

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe Coming To iOS

Touch Teela All You Want To. Did you grow up watching He-Man as a child? Do you have an iPhone? Then get ready to be able to control the most powerful man in the universe in a side-scrolling beat em up coming soon on the Apple app store. Here is the trailer for the new […]

Did You Get Your iPhone 5 Reserved? Don’t Worry A Lot Of Others Didn’t Either.

2 Week Waits Now Reported By Apple I really hope you were able to get that iPhone 5 pre-order in fast. Apple is now saying that there is now a two week wait for a lot of people who got online last night and pre-ordered the new iteration of the iPhone. That means that even […]

iPhone 5 Officially Announced

Releasing on September 21st for $199. As expected, today Apple announced the iPhone 5. And in today’s age of leaked content and footage there really is no surprise on the look of it. It it a two toned back and 4″ elongated screen like the leaked photos over the past few days. The phone will […]