Would I Seriously Consider Buying An iPad For This? Yes. Yes I Would.

Feast your eyes upon the greatest cover ever conceived or produced for the iPad. Yes, this is an actual cover made to look like the Grays Sports Almanac from Back to the Future Part II. The only way this could possibly be better is if you randomly happen upon Thomas F. Wilson (who portrayed Biff […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Headed To iPhone & iPad. Mac Version Dated.

At PAX East it was announced that XCOM: Enemy Unknown would be released for the Mac on April 25th, but an even bigger surprise was in store for fans of the strategy series. It will also be making its way onto the iPhone and iPad and that it will be the full version of the […]

Amazon Reveals Kindle Fire HD In 7 And 8.9 Inch Models. Kindle Fire Receives Price Drop.

Today’s press conference by Amazon showed off the future of the Kindle family in a big way. The Kindle Fire HD is the company’s next big entry into the crowded tablet world looking to build on the massive sales of the original Kindle Fire which was released almost a year ago. The Kindle Fire HD […]

IPhone 5 Announcement To Be Held On September 12.

Are you just getting used to not using Siri as much as you thought you would? Well it’s time to get excited again. Apple has released this image above for their September 12 event and you would have to assume it will be the IPhone 5 announcement that everyone has been anticipating. Keep looking at […]