Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

As I sit here and begin to write this review I am just now seeing the weekend numbers for Star Trek Into Darkness and disturbed greatly that the movie did not bring in the metric shit ton of money the studio “expected” it to over its first weekend. Why am I disturbed? Because of all […]

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Blu-Ray Set…Yes Already

Be still my Trekker heart. How soon is too soon to get ready for the home release of a big summer movie? How about two days? Amazon is already taking pre-orders on the Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Blu-Ray Set which comes with a full-scale replica of a Starfleet phaser. The set retails for $99.99, […]

Star Trek Into Darkness Moves Up Release Date

Paramount has announced that the early showings of Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D set for May 15th at 8PM are selling out nationwide. Cities like New York, Seattle and San Diego are reportedly at capacity. In response Paramount has moved up the release date of the sequel by a day to Thursday, May […]

Review: Star Trek: The Video Game

Set Phasers To Meh I am a lifelong Star Trek fan. Not a bandwagon since 2009 when J.J. Abrams made it cool to like the adventures of the Starship Enterprise. Now do not get me wrong, I absolutely loved the 2009 reboot and applaud everyone involved for making Trek accessible to a whole new generation. […]

The Enterprise Is Dwarfed In This New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

There have been so many posters for Star Trek Into Darkness that all I can really say now is that is one big damn ship. That would be the USS Vengeance or as it is otherwise known as, the USS Cumberbatch’s Fury. Star Trek Into Darkness releases on May 17th. Early IMAX screenings begin May […]

Star Trek Into Darkness Clip Takes Kirk Further Down The Rabbit Hole

First things first, if you are any kind of lifelong Star Trek fan then I warn you that watching this clip will completely give away something huge if you pay very close attention. Still here? Paramount has released this clip from Star Trek Into Darkness titled “I Allow It” and it has a tense back […]

Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Posters To Be Given Away

Artist Mark Englert has created this beautiful poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. The best part is that if you attend one of the 8PM IMAX showings on May 15th, you will be receiving one of these posters in your grubby little hands. Be sure and check to see if your local theater will be […]

New Star Trek Into Darkness Posters Make Up For Yesterday’s Mistake

And by mistake, I meant that there was no Scotty or Chekov posters with the batch that came out yesterday. Simon Pegg is getting his best Carl Lewis going and Anton Yelchin looks like he just realized he is wearing a red shirt. Wait…why is Chekov wearing a red shirt? Is he going to bite […]

How Many New Star Trek Into Darkness Posters Are There? Seven…It’s Seven.

Here is a new batch of character posters from the UK marketing of Star Trek Into Darkness. Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Carol Marcus, Sulu and Benedict Cumberbatch’s mysterious John Harrison are all featured. Now if I could just ask one question? Where in the purple-blooded Klingon hell are Scotty and Chekov? I know Alice Eve […]