Fight The Feels With The Honest Trailer For The Last Of Us The future is bleak in The Last of Us. Zombies (sort of), horrific violence, teens using foul language, trying not to cry because of a f***ing giraffe. The guys at Smosh have given us an Honest Trailer that points out some of the game’s flaws, but still knows that it is one of the […]

The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Honest Trailer Even Knows Quicksilver Was Awesome I really liked X-Men: Days of Future Past. I thought it successfully brought together both generations of X-Men movies and did the comic movie world a favor by erasing the events of X-Men 3. Even the guys at Honest Trailers admit that it was a fun ride with their newest video. Like with X-Men […]

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Has An Honest Trailer Because, Transformers You don’t need an Honest Trailer to tell you that Transformers: Age of Extinction was bad, but it can offer some relief for anyone who spent real money to see this piece of sh**. I was waiting until I could Redbox this for a dollar to at least see how ugly it could be, […]

Destiny’s Honest Trailer Is Here. Get Ready For Truth. You knew it would only be a matter of time before the guys at Honest Trailers got a hold of Destiny. Here it is. Loaded with truth and screaming. They tell us it is gaming’s “hottest 7 out of 10” which seems to be the average here with my review giving it an 8 and […]

Is The Honest Trailer For Frozen Better Than The Movie? Full disclosure: I have not seen Frozen yet. Now don’t go getting your iced over panties in a bunch, I fully intend to, but I think watching the Honest Trailer before the movie was a mistake. A wonderful mistake. It will definitely affect the way I watch the movie now. Though, with someone as […]

Jeff Goldblum And Bill Pullman Set To Return For Independence Day 2

Maybe you were not excited at the news of a sequel to Independence Day a few days ago, but that is all about to change. Not only is Bill Pullman returning we also will get an actual Jeff Goldblum sighting in 2015. This is a rare thing. It is like seeing a rainbow colored unicorn […]

Microsoft And Sony Press Conferences Made Hilarious In Eight Minutes

Mr. Matt Lees at Videogamer put together these hilarious videos for the Microsoft and Sony press conferences that should leave you with a cheerful tear in your eye. If you are wary about if they will be worth your time, the best way I can describe them is they are like the Honest Trailers for movies, just […]