Hercules Review (From Someone Who Did Not See Hercules)

This is the tale of Hercules, a legend so big that it spawned a TV show which spawned a spinoff called Xena which had Lucy Lawless running around in leather and a possible lesbian relationship with her friend. So just by association to Xena, Hercules is awesome. One can see how this could be mistaken […]

First Trailer And Poster For Hercules (The Other One)

http://youtu.be/4JZhGYrgCPg Anyone else wanting The Rock to scream “Haku Machente!”? Look, I will be honest. This could easily be bad. If it is popcorn movie bad, then it is what I am expecting. I can handle popcorn movie bad. What can I not handle? Brett Ratner bad. Let’s hope he doesn’t Ratner all over this […]

Weekend Box Office- January 10-12, 2014

We are only a few weeks into 2014 and already we have our first surprise at the cinemas. Lone Survivor, which is based on a true story and whose title should tell you what to expect, blew away everything else with a huge $38.5 million almost doubling its studio estimates. Marky Mark, Speed Racer, Angel […]

First Look At Dwayne Johnson As Hercules

We have seen plenty of teaser images from Dwayne Johnson on his Twitter from the filming of next summer’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars but now he has tweeted the first image of him in all his bearded glory. And as proof that he is the busiest actor going he tweeted the first image of Hobbes […]