First Trailer For Thief Called ‘Out Of The Shadows’

I can already hear classic Thief fans as they watch this trailer with their cries of “suck it Assassin’s Creed”. The minute long trailer features protagonist Garrett as he stalks his prey which happens to be a rather expensive looking necklace. I know Thief fans have been more than excited ever since this game was […]

Review: Oz: The Great And Powerful

There are few directors that could be given $200 million by Disney to recreate the feel of a classic movie. Actually they gave Joseph Kosinski that to make Tron: Legacy, so maybe that money amount doesn’t mean what it used to. Sam Raimi is one of those directors that should be entrusted with that and […]

Worx WG787 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

The best mower I’ve ever used After moving from an apartment into a house with a grassy yard, I headed up to Lowes for some lawn mower shopping with my son. We eventually chose the [amazon_link id=”B007AQZ9S0″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Worx WG787 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower[/amazon_link] for three reasons: My favorite features: No gas. No cords. […]

Compact Surge Protector Wants To Save The Day

One Less Worry On The Road. Anyone that has been out of town in a hotel has thought at least twice about plugging your laptop, phone, tablet or any other electronic items into the outlets. Especially when you stay at some places that aren’t exactly looking on the up and up. One bad outlet or […]

An electric vehicle cheaper than the Leaf, more stable than the Batpod.

Introducing the world’s first gyroscopically stabilized, two-wheeled all-electric vehicle: The C1 from Lit Motors. Or as I like to call it, My Next Car.  Notice the clip of the C1 getting jerked around by a Jeep while keeping its balance and staying upright. The idea is that even in an actual crash it would bounce […]