Fable Anniversary Delayed Until 2014

You will have to wait a bit longer to play the original Fable in HD. Lionhead Studios has announced that their remake of the original Fable, [amazon_link id=”B00DBCAT3W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Fable Anniversary[/amazon_link], will not be released until February 2014 to put some finishing touches on the game. Fable Anniversary is more than just an […]

Fable Legends Announced

Lionhead Studios revealed the next entry in the Fable franchise at Gamescom and it is taking it in an exciting new direction. Fable Legends will be an [amazon_link id=”B00CMQTVMI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Xbox One[/amazon_link] exclusive title which will feature five-player co-op. Why five, you may ask? Well, four friends will take control of four different […]

Fable Anniversary Will Have Fan Created Achievement

This fall will see the release of [amazon_link id=”B00DBCAT3W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Fable Anniversary[/amazon_link], an HD remake of the first game in Peter Molyneux’s series about choice and consequence in the land of Albion. Lionhead Studios has already created the achievement list for the re-release except for one. The one that may come from your own […]

Fable Anniversary Lets You Retrace First Adventure In HD

Just like with Halo, Peter Molyneux’s Fable will now getting the anniversary treatment. Lionhead Studios is polishing up the 2004 game of choice and consequence with a new HD transfer and a brand spanking new achievement list. Fable Anniversary will also include The Lost Chapters and Smartglass integration. Fable was a good game that never really […]

New Game Releases. October 9, 2012

Stealth Steampunk And The Return Of Real Time UFO Defense. [amazon_link id=”B005C2D2MO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Dishonored[/amazon_link] (360, PS3, PC) $59.99 One of the most unique looking games of the past year that has been on our radars finally releases today. Bethesda’s first person game mixes a little Bioshock, Half-Life and Thief and places the game in […]

2012 Fall/ Winter Video Game Preview Part 1

      Borderlands 2- Sept. 18 (360, PS3, PC) Time for more cell-shaded, weapon upgrading madness on the planet of Pandora. New characters, weapons and equipment mods are just the beginning to this sequel of the best-selling shooter. Three new classes (Gunzerker, Ninja and Commando) will be introduced and every weapon will be brand […]