Star Wars: Battlefront To Be “Aligned With” Episode VII

During an EA earnings call, company CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront will hit store shelves before the end of the year and be aligned with Episode VII. This can only mean one thing by the rules of video gaming: it will be broke as shit. Not wishing bad luck on the game […]

EA’s UFC Glitches Prove Better Than The Game While EA’s first UFC game is receiving middling to decent reviews, the glitches in the MMA title are worthy of a perfect score, especially when watched with commentary by (fake) Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. Be careful watching this around people. I laughed till I cried, I sh** you not. “Alex goes for the […]

NHL 15 Coming To Next-Gen This Fall, Teaser Trailer Shown We are in the middle of the Stanley Cup playoffs and EA has announced that NHL 15 will be the first game in the series to go next-gen when it is released this fall. The game will have a new broadcast team of Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczy and also feature an NBC Sports […]

On the Shoulders of Giants: Trey’s Titanfall Review

Yesterday, for the first time in years, I took an entire day off doing one single thing: Playing a video game. With the exception of breaks for meals, doing some laundry between matches, and reading a chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring before bed, I didn’t do anything yesterday other than play Titanfall. In […]

EA Sports UFC To Feature Jon Jones And One Fan-Voted Fighter

EA Sports has revealed that current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones will be on the cover of their first UFC game due sometime next year. Now that they have gotten one half of the cover right it is up to us, the fans, to make the other half just as good. EA is letting […]

The Battlefield 4 Story Trailer Is Not PETA Approved

Show of hands. Who remembers Battlefield 3’s story? Put your hand down “always has to feel important guy”, no one remembers Battlefield 3’s story. Well Battlefield 4 is here to make sure you remember that it has a story and it is the anti-Call of Duty. Does Call of Duty have female players in multiplayer? […]

Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Textures

The other night, my brother Tillman and I dove into the Battlefield 4 beta for the first time since it launched. To give you a little background, he has been playing the series since the first Bad Company, and I jumped in – or was pushed, really, by Beth – with Bad Co 2. We […]

NBA Live 14 Tries To Prove It Is Real With This New Video

  EA Sports has released a new “gameplay” video for NBA Live 14. I put gameplay in quotations because while it says it is using gameplay footage, it still looks like it is a made-up trailer for looks. I want to see actual in-game gameplay to see how this game runs. We are two months […]