2014: A Year Of Surprises. Erich’s Game Of The Year

Surprise, your game does not work. Surprise, this game is awesome. Surprise, you bought the rights to a game without faces. Game Of The Year Dragon Age: Inquisition No one who knows me will be surprised by a Bioware game being my GOTY, but this is more than that. Inquisition checked off almost all of […]

Demons, Dragons And Dropships: Trey’s Game Of The Year 2014

It is, of course, that time of year again, when we look at the hours upon hours of time spent in front of our TVs and monitors and try to sift through it all and proclaim “These fourteen hours! These fourteen arbitrary hours were the best!” I played an astonishingly small number of games to […]

Want More Than 15 Minutes Of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay? Good, Here Is 16

http://youtu.be/WdXvFEEBZeo Teasing my eyes and ears with new Dragon Age: Inquisition footage will get you everywhere, Bioware. So much pretty. Want to see more. Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on October 7th. My body is ready.

September Game Informer Features Dragon Age: Inquisition, Developer Video Shown

The newest issue of Game Informer will delve into the new open-world of Dragon Age: Inquisition from Bioware. A new developer video shows how the developer is trying to listen to fans and give them what they want in this latest entry in the franchise. It looks like they are well on their way in […]

Dragon Age III Swaps To Next Gen, Influenced By Skyrim

Bioware Delays Sequel To 2014. Dragon Age III has officially been moved to next-gen platforms and will see a release date switch from “late” 2013 to “who can guess” in 2014. The switch was announced via an EA level designer’s LinkedIn profile. Also on the Dragon Age front is Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn saying that the […]

Dragon Age 3 Officially Announced

Can Bioware Win Back Dragon Age Fans With Third Entry? Bioware has announced that the Dragon Age franchise will be returning to consoles next year and will be using a new engine. General manager of Bioware Montreal and Edmonton Aaryn Flynn also seems to know that a lot of fans were turned off by Dragon Age 2 (this […]