Here Is Mario Kart 8’s DLC. A New Reason To Hate Your Friends

Mario Kart 8 will be giving you new courses to curse at and new characters to hate as they hit you with a blue shell before you hit the finish line with two DLC packs. The first will release in November and come with Link, Cat Suit Peach, Tanooki Suit Mario, four new vehicles and […]

The Last Of Us: Left Behind Release Date Is For Lovers

The single player DLC for The Last of Us, Left Behind, seems to have a Valentine’s Day release date if the picture from the PSN store stays true. The add-on will be a prequel to my pick for Game of the Year and will feature Ellie and her friend Riley. Only one survives and I will […]

Ken Levine Unveils Bioshock Infinite DLC

For those impatiently waiting on [amazon_link id=”B003O6E6NE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Bioshock Infinite’s[/amazon_link] Season Pass to pay off, your day is today. Literally. Ken Levine and Irrational Games revealed that the first piece of DLC for the Game of the Year candidate would be titled Clash in the Clouds and that it is available today for […]

Aliens: Colonial Marines Single-Player DLC Is On Its Way. Don’t Laugh.

If you bought the Season Pass for [amazon_link id=”B005THAX5Q” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Aliens: Colonial Marines[/amazon_link] there is good news on the horizon. A new single-player DLC pack named “Stasis Interrupted” will be releasing for the game. No details have been given for what content will be included on the DLC, but rest assured, it can […]

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Is Add-On For Season One, Choices Carry To Season Two

Telltale Games is making the wait on Season Two of their acclaimed The Walking Dead video game a little bit easier to bear. The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a one episode piece of DLC that will focus on five survivors as their lives intersect at a truck stop. Each survivor has a playable section […]

The Last Of Us Season Pass Announced

We here at Nerd Rating are on official countdown to The Last of Us. 16 days until Naughty Dog’s much anticipated post-apocalyptic story is finally in our hands. Today the studio announced that the game will be getting a Season Pass that will have three DLC packs, two for multiplayer and one for single player. […]

Watch Batgirl Take On The Joker In Injustice

I am a Batgirl fan. Actually the more appropriate statement would be I am a Batgirl addict. I have statues, comics, graphic novels. I can not help but watch every episode of the Adam West batman when Yvonne Craig would be on as Barbara Gordon in Season 3 (seriously, do you not know how hot […]

The First DLC Character For Injustice Is Lobo

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter is joining NetherRealm’s [amazon_link id=”B0088I7L76″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Injustice: Gods Among Us[/amazon_link]. Lobo will be coming soon to take the beating to every other bastich in the game. Lobo is the first of four DLC fighters planned for the game. You can download each character separately or purchase the Season Pass […]

The Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer Stirs Up My Inner Running Man

Holy Ronald Reagan Oingo Boingo John Carpenter Roddy Piper Jane Fonda TBS Superstation Space Mutiny fuck balls. That was roughly what was running through my head as I watched the reveal trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in all its VHS tracking glory. I will give you a chance to watch it below then […]

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon To Release On May 1 And That’s Not Even The Best Part

How can having a release date (and therefore proving this thing is real) not be the best part of this announcement? Because now Michael Biehn is confirmed to be in the game and hopefully wipe away any memory I have left of the giant shit that Gearbox took on my chest in Aliens: Colonial Marines. […]