Tomorrowland Teaser Trailer Excites Here is what I knew about Disney’s Tomorrowland: 1. It is based on the Disney attraction 2. It is being directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol) 3. It stars George Clooney Disney has kept wraps on this project and I am glad since we live in a world of trailers […]

First Cast Photo For ‘Girl Meets World’

It is almost here! Disney has released the first cast photo for Girl Meets World featuring Cory and Topanga Matthews with their kids, Riley (center) and Auggie (center left). Let’s hope this starts a new age of continuing old shows with new installments. -The Full House spin-off that follows DJ and her super-Christian family as […]

Is The Honest Trailer For Frozen Better Than The Movie? Full disclosure: I have not seen Frozen yet. Now don’t go getting your iced over panties in a bunch, I fully intend to, but I think watching the Honest Trailer before the movie was a mistake. A wonderful mistake. It will definitely affect the way I watch the movie now. Though, with someone as […]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Coming To Netflix

Good news for Star Wars fans (like me) who never got to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars in its entirety. The series’ five seasons including the unaired sixth season with the final 13 episodes will be available to stream on Netflix beginning March 7th. For me, this is great because I watched most of […]

And The “Please God, Let It Be True” Rumor Of The Day Goes To: Pixar May Make A Star Wars Movie

Latino Review has come across some rumors (which is what they are good at) about the Star Wars universe extending into the offices of Pixar. There are no firm details because this is pure rumor but the rationale makes complete sense with Disney owning both Star Wars and Pixar, so a combination is likely to happen […]

Do You Wanna F*** A Snowman? This Hilarious Censored Frozen Video Does Frozen has become one of Disney’s biggest hits ever but how would things be if they were a bit more…not Disney? Check out this video of some scenes from the movie that have some very well placed bleeps for a whole new Frozen experience. I would pay money to have a version of the […]

Maleficent Gets A New Trailer.

The first trailer for Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie, was creepy, moody and got me excited to see the movie. This one…not so much. It has taken away any aspect of this being a movie solely about Sleeping Beauty’s villain and looks like a live-action telling of the children’s novel. I have seen Alice in Wonderland. […]

Jessica Chastain As Merida From Brave. Why Disney?

So here is the always insanely beautiful Jessica Chastain dressed as Merida from Brave for the Disney Dream Portrait which advertises for all the Disney parks worldwide. To say that this gives me mixed feelings would be an understatement. Dammit Disney, I love Brave but now I am going to think of smoking hot Jessica […]

Teaser Trailer For Maleficent Disney has released the first trailer for next summer’s Maleficent. Angelina Jolie stars as the evil mistress who sets out to curse Princess Aurora. The movie will show how her character transforms from protector to villain which lead to the events in Sleeping Beauty. The trailer looks beautiful and already looks like it will […]