Nothing Can Prepare You For Darth Vader Voiced By Winnie The Pooh Let’s get your day started off right with Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie the Pooh, reading lines of Darth Vader from Star Wars. A huge reward to the person that gets him reading lines from Fifty Shades of Grey. Did you know Cummings was also the voice of Darkwing Duck? Yeah, you get a […]

So What If Darth Vader Sounded Like Young Anakin?

This is the question posed in this video which replaces Darth Vader’s iconic voice by James Earl Jones with Jake Lloyd’s shrill and brain numbing voice from Episode 1. The results are horrifying as expected yet will bring you some laughs. I suggest you watch the entire video and witness how the final space battle […]

Nestle’s Star Wars Coffee Makers Are Real And I Want One

“What a lovely smell you’ve discovered.” First the good news: These insanely amazing Star Wars coffee makers are completely real. Darth Vader can be seen above and C-3PO is below. Each will come with its own corresponding coffee mug (Empire or Rebel Alliance) and the sayings on the side actually are used well. Who wants […]