Review Roundup: Ryse: Son Of Rome

The most talked about Xbox One title has had the wraps taken off of it. Ryse: Son of Rome has been talked about -mostly negatively- since its announcement at E3 this year. Can the reviews make believers out of the naysayers? Let’s just say there is rough sailing ahead. IGN- 6.8/10 “What’s there isn’t at all […]

Ryse: Son Of Rome TV Commercial Blends Live Action With Game Footage First off, don’t expect any Spartacus levels of blood here. It is a television ad but it does do a good job of showing off the ferocity of battle. The transition to in-game footage near the end is almost seamless and it took me a second or two to realize it had switched over. Pretty […]

Two New Ryse: Son Of Rome Trailers

Despite the internet jokes of QTE’s and middling press, Ryse: Son of Rome remains the next-gen launch title I am most excited for. Maybe it is my need for more Spartacus episodes but that ship has sailed. Here are two new trailers for Crytek’s [amazon_link id=”B00CMQTVMI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Xbox One[/amazon_link] launch title. One tells […]

Ryse: Son Of Rome Shows It Is More Than Just QTE’s

Ever since its debut at E3, Ryse: Son of Rome has been trying to convince people that there is more depth to their game than a lot of pretty QTE events. With each new showing they are showing more of the hack and slash combat that makes up the majority of the gameplay. This video […]

Ryse: Son Of Rome Gladiator Mode Trailer. Bring Your Friends For The Fun.

Ryse: Son of Rome showed off its new Gladiator mode at this weeks Gamescom. You and a friend will join forces to take on waves of enemies inside an ever changing arena that puts different backdrops and enemy types in your way. You must keep the crowd entertained as you try and survive and fight […]

Go Behind The Scenes Of Crytek’s Ryse: Son Of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome gets to me. I can’t explain it. I want to play this damn thing. Yes, we can all get into the whole “it looks like a game full of QTE’s” argument, but Ryse simply looks fun as hell. Crytek has just released a video that takes a look at the motion […]

Witness The Brutality Of Ryse: Son Of Rome

While I will readily say that Sony stole the E3 show last night, I was still very impressed with the games that Microsoft brought to the table at their press conference. The lineup was equally as strong as Sony’s (with Sony pulling ahead because of all the indie support) and the game that impressed me […]

THQ Officially No More, Assets Sold, Employees Laid Off

One of the saddest episodes in gaming is now done. THQ sold off their assets to other developers and publishers and anyone who did not work for one of the companies sold are being laid off. For the past year THQ has been limping along and filed for bankruptcy last month. A few weeks ago […]