This One Time, On The Internet- March 10, 2014

Here are some quick hits in the world of movies, TV, games, Halloween costumes, French-Canadian affairs, whatever catches our fancy. Movies The Amazing Spider-Man 2 If you love Paul Giamatti, don’t expect too much of him in the next Spider-Man releasing next month. Director Marc Webb has said that Rhino will only appear in the sequel […]

Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Raw Recap March 3, 2014

Raw was in Chicago last night. The big show they were dreading and the one everyone of us was looking forward to the most. Rumors broke a few days ago that CM Punk could possibly be returning to a hero’s welcome. Well in the realm of “shit that didn’t happen” that rumor reigned as king […]

Alberto Del Rio May Be On The Way Out Of WWE

  There are many within WWE that feel that former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will be leaving the company when his contract expires sometime this year. He is apparently not pleased with how he is being utilized including being used as a filler match for Batista before Wrestlemania. If this is […]

Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Raw Recap February 3, 2014

The first Raw after CM Punk’s departure went about as well as the WWE could have expected. Sure there were plenty of Punk chants throughout the night and reports that Punk posters were being confiscated like at the NXT taping last week, but the show wasn’t a huge barreling train that headed off the rails and […]

Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Raw Recap (1/20/14)

The Eyes of Kenneth Mars seduce you into watching Raw. You will do anything the eyes say. You will watch a large, muscular man fit into clothes that were made for a 18 year old anorexic GAP model. You will cheer him for his name is….Bautista! I mean Batista! Almost four years after leaving, Batista […]

Take It Home Tuesday. October 9, 2012.

Ridley Scott’s Return To Sci-Fi Is Ready For Home Viewing. [amazon_link id=”B0085Z8F4A” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Prometheus[/amazon_link] Ridley Scott’s “prequel” to Alien was perhaps the most polarizing movie of the summer. It came out to mixed reviews and the more people I talk to that have seen it were not that fond of it. I am […]

WWE 13 Roster Reveal Video

THQ may be on hard times right now but one thing we can still be assured of is that we will see the release of WWE 13 this October and they are swinging for the fences with the largest roster in the game’s history. Over 80 wrestlers including a slew of Attitude Era superstars will […]