Money In The Bank 2014 Predictions

Hey, what do you know? A wrestling post. I know, I know. I am behind, but Money in the Bank is Sunday so I figured we would go through the card to see what will go down when all the lights are turned off and all the ladders have been broken. Plus, there are only […]

WrestleMania 30 Recap

So anything interesting happen last night on Game of Thrones? I only ask because WWE had their own version of the Red Wedding at WrestleMania 30 with Undertaker playing the part of…well, anyone named Stark and Lesnar was the arrows and knives. Before I get started full on there are two things I need to […]

Fat Guy In A Little Singlet- Raw Recap February 17, 2014

And with that, Cesaro swung his way into the lives of millions. OK, truth be told, he has been using the swing for months and it is not even his most impressive one (see: Great Khali), but last night’s match with Cena was one of those star-making moments that you hope the WWE will take […]