“Loot, Loot, Bang, Bang” Erich’s Destiny Review

I have put 18 some odd hours into Destiny, and while most of those were enjoyed I want to talk about 6 of those hours in particular.  Loot Cave: Most of my time in Destiny has been spent in the company of my three man fire team, rarely have we come into contact with other […]

“My Density Has Brought Me To You” Scott’s Destiny Review

My Density Has Brought Me To You Destiny has been on everyone’s radar for a couple of years ever since Bungie parted ways with Microsoft (and Halo). Designed to be the next big thing, Bungie partnered with Activision, planning a trilogy of games over the next ten years with Activision sinking $500 million into development […]

New Destiny Trailer Takes You To The Dark Side Of The Moon

Bungie has given a release window in their newest trailer for Destiny which takes players deep within the moon to show the creatures you will be facing in the developers massive follow-up to Halo. Those who pre-order the game will get access to the beta when it starts early next year. Destiny releases in Spring […]

Destiny Box Art. It Is Art…On A Box

Activision and Bungie have released the box art for their highly anticipated game Destiny. There is nothing really bad about it, though I think I would have liked the simpler picture they have been using for posters and ads with the planet sitting against a starry backdrop.   Destiny is Bungie’s first independent game since […]

New Destiny Developer Diary Focuses On Matchmaking And Abilities

Bungie has released a new developer diary for Destiny that shows how the player will be fully-involved in the world they have created. Everything from single-player story to co-op events and even multiplayer deathmatches are integrated seamlessly into the game. You will have a three-weapon loadout as well as a special ability to control like […]

E3 2013 Winners And Losers

How was that for an E3? After a lackluster event last year, things sure did take a massive upswing this year with Sony and Microsoft bringing out the big guns for their new consoles. And it wasn’t just new shiny black boxes that stole the show. Developers brought their full support with a host of […]

Watch Gustavo Fring Read A Story In The Destiny Live Action Trailer

Bungie has released a live action/CGI trailer for Destiny in preparation at  E3 in a few weeks. The trailer was directed by Jon Favreau and stars Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad and Revolution. The trailer is titled “The Law of the Jungle” and features many of Destiny’s different classes fighting on various fronts. I am […]

Bungie’s Brave New Destiny

This past weekend Bungie, the creators of Halo, finally took the covers off of their next project, Journey. Ambitious does not begin to describe what Destiny is. Not only is this the company’s first game outside the safety of Microsoft’s umbrella, but it is an entire series of games that will involve a brand new […]

Review: Halo 4

Can 343 Industries Take Halo To New Heights? Who in there right mind could envy 343 Industries? The studio was tasked with carrying on the Xbox’s flagship title after developer Bungie decided to leave the comfy confines of the Microsoft umbrella and start making games for multiple systems. Yes, you can not deny that Microsoft […]