Don’t Try To Dig What We All Say: Trey’s Games Of The Generation Pt. 1

A little over a year ago, the powers-that-be in gaming decided that the time had come, and released the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, bringing to a close the longest console “generation” in gaming history: Seven years for the PlayStation 3, eight for the Xbox 360. This nearly decade-long era saw major shifts in […]

Hey! Buy Games! November 10-17, 2013

I am pretty sure you are all aware of what this week is. The next generation begins with the release of the Playstation 4 and a host of launch games. This is just the beginning because things get crazier next week with the Xbox One release and then two weeks from now is Black Friday. […]

Hey! Buy Games! October 27- November 3, 2014

It is the biggest release week of the year so far for video games. Pirate lovers, military shooters and wrestling fans all have reason to be excited this week. It is officially the biggest time of the year for gaming. Who is excited? Oh and there is another Sonic game also. October 29th [amazon_link id=”B00BXE4KVM” […]

The Battlefield 4 Story Trailer Is Not PETA Approved

Show of hands. Who remembers Battlefield 3’s story? Put your hand down “always has to feel important guy”, no one remembers Battlefield 3’s story. Well Battlefield 4 is here to make sure you remember that it has a story and it is the anti-Call of Duty. Does Call of Duty have female players in multiplayer? […]

Battlefield 4 Beta Impressions: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Textures

The other night, my brother Tillman and I dove into the Battlefield 4 beta for the first time since it launched. To give you a little background, he has been playing the series since the first Bad Company, and I jumped in – or was pushed, really, by Beth – with Bad Co 2. We […]

Gamestop Offers $50 Trade-In Credit For Swapping Games To Xbox One

Gamestop is actually offering a pretty good deal when it comes to upgrading your games to the [amazon_link id=”B00CMQTVMI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Xbox One[/amazon_link] this fall. The retailer will guarantee you a $50 trade-in credit on certain games when they are bought within 30 days of release. Effectively this makes an upgrade to an Xbox […]

Battlefield 3 Leads The Pack For PS Plus Instant Games Collection In July

If you are still playing through all of the goodies Sony gave you in June (Deus Ex, Saints Row: The Third, XCOM, etc.) just know that there is no rest for the weary. It is time for July’s offerings which includes EA’s Battlefield 3 for you military shooter fans (or non-fans like me, but I […]

17 Minutes Of Battlefield 4 Shows Off The Pretty, But Not The Different So EA had their big Battlefield 4 reveal last night showing 17 minutes of the game in an attempt to show how this game will be a new era for Battlefield. While the game is undeniably beautiful, the new era thing may be a bit much. After watching it, here is what I took […]