Batman: Arkham Knight “Gotham Is Mine” Trailer I could listen to John Noble read a grocery list consisting of gluten free pita bread and would get goosebumps. Listening to him reveal his plans for Gotham and Batman should make you sh** your pants. Batman: Arkham Knight releases June 2nd.  

Keep Smiling!: A Day With Scott Snyder

As some of you may know, my rekindled interest in comics began about seven years ago, thanks to the awesome folks at Third-Eye Comics in Annapolis. The store has grown by leaps and bounds, moving into bigger locations twice, and hosting increasingly cool release events and creator signings. A few months ago, the owner Steve […]

Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Infiltration’ Trailer Part 2 Is Batmobile Porn How much would you pay for Batmobile porn, coincidentally? Asking for a friend. Taking center stage is the Batmobile which is loaded with “tools for urban pacification” for the lack of a better term. I mean we could just say Batman is using cruise missiles in a closed space, but that sounds a lot […]

Warner Reveals DC Movie Release Dates, Casts The Flash

Warner Bros. opened the floodgate today on DC Comics movie news. They released dates for nine movies based on DC characters including TWO Justice League movies (both directed by Zack Snyder) and announced the casting of Ezra Miller as The Flash, who will appear in Justice League and his own movie. This puts to rest […]

First Look At New Batmobile From Batman v Superman

Zack Snyder tweeted out our first official look at the new Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A little piece of the vehicle could be seen in the first shot of Ben Affleck’s Batman and a few pictures leaked online from filming so I think Snyder just decided to show off Batman’s new […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Releasing June 2, 2015, Collector’s Editions Revealed

We have to wait a bit longer than expected to play Rocksteady’s final Batman game and by a bit longer I mean “damn, that is a long ass wait”. Batman: Arkham Knight will release on June 2, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. To ease the pain of waiting (or make it worse), two […]

Batman Graphic Novels: The Essentials

As we continue the celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary, we thought we would give you a list of The Caped Crusader’s best adventures in graphic novels. If you are new to the Batman universe in comics we hope these will give you a good start in catching up with the best the character has to […]

Cinematic Batman: Worst To First- Part One

In case you did not know (or haven’t been beaten over the head with it by DC) 2014 is Batman’s 75th birthday. He is still looking spry for an older gent and continues to kick ass every month in multiple comics. This isn’t about comics though, this is about the Caped Crusader’s cinematic adventures which […]