Batman: Arkham Knight “Gotham Is Mine” Trailer I could listen to John Noble read a grocery list consisting of gluten free pita bread and would get goosebumps. Listening to him reveal his plans for Gotham and Batman should make you sh** your pants. Batman: Arkham Knight releases June 2nd.  

Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Infiltration’ Trailer Part 2 Is Batmobile Porn How much would you pay for Batmobile porn, coincidentally? Asking for a friend. Taking center stage is the Batmobile which is loaded with “tools for urban pacification” for the lack of a better term. I mean we could just say Batman is using cruise missiles in a closed space, but that sounds a lot […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Releasing June 2, 2015, Collector’s Editions Revealed

We have to wait a bit longer than expected to play Rocksteady’s final Batman game and by a bit longer I mean “damn, that is a long ass wait”. Batman: Arkham Knight will release on June 2, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. To ease the pain of waiting (or make it worse), two […]

New Batman: Arkham Knight Footage Takes The Batmobile Out For A Spin One thing Rocksteady’s Batman games have done is capture the tone and feel of the character and never is that more so than with the new gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight. This footage, running on a PS4, shows how beautiful the game is, seamlessly transitioning between the opening cinema to in-game action as […]

New Batman: Arkham Knight Pics For Your Eyeholes

So shiny, so pretty. Check out these new screenshots from Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady’s final Batman game. Besides flying around Gotham and driving the Batmobile, it looks like you will be pummeling a group of rednecks who like to wear Confederate flags on their shirts. Batman hates racists…or just the south. Batman: Arkham Knight releases […]

New Video And Screenshots From Batman: Arkham Knight Feature The Titular Villain Arkham Knight is not just the title of Rocksteady’s final Batman game, it is also the name of a new villain created just for the game itself. New screenshots have been released that give a better look at Arkham Knight as well as Batman in his new armor. Batman: Arkham Knight releases on October […]

Want Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots? We Got Screenshots

Man can not live by trailer alone. He needs pretty, shiny pictures to stare at as his boss thinks he is deep into work at his computer. Here are 18 screenshots from Batman: Arkham Knight in all their next-gen goodness showing off shots of Batman, Penguin, Two-Face, the redesigned Batmobile, new villain Arkham Knight and more. […]

Batman: Arkham Knight Announced! Watch The First Trailer Here!

The new issue of Game Informer has revealed the next game in Rocksteady’s Arkham series; Batman: Arkham Knight. The game will be releasing this year for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you can’t tell by the cover, the Batmobile will play a role in the new game and be drivable over the streets […]