Superman’s New Creative Team Is Getting 50% Better

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Rumors have become reality as DC announced that John Romita, Jr. is coming over from MarvelĀ to be the artist on Superman. They gave a first look, which you can see above, of Romita’s interpretation of Supes.

The other half of the creative news is the exciting part. Geoff Johns will be taking over writing duties from Scott Lobdell. Johns spent almostĀ ten years crafting the current Green Lantern universe and just recently ended his amazing run on Aquaman. He is still on monthly duties with Justice League as well as leading the current New 52 crossover series Forever Evil.

I am excited about Johns writing Superman. It is the hardest character to keep interesting on a monthly basis. I know Johns is up to the task and I am ready to see what he has planned.

On the flip side, I have never been a fan of Romita, Jr.’s work. Not anything against him or his long career, I just have always felt his art too blocky and sometimes lazy looking.

Of course, this comes from a man without a shred of artistic ability. Take as you will.

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