Star Wars Episodes VIII And IX Have Their Screenwriters

New Trilogy Begins To Take Shape.

You thought Disney was on the ball by getting Michael Arndt so quickly to begin work on Episode VII? Well here’s proof that they aren’t playing around with getting this new trilogy into theaters.

Disney has gotten Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to serve as writers and producers on Episodes VIII and IX. If you are unaware as to why this is a big deal, Kasdan was the screenwriter for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as well as writing the script for a tiny film called Raiders of the Lost Ark. Kinberg has also written some top notch films as well including: Sherlock Holmes, X-Men: First Class and the upcoming sequel X-Men: Days of Future’s Past. 

Let the Matthew Vaughn speculation begin anew with Kinberg being involved with second and third movies. Having the First Class scribe is only going to give that rumor more traction that the director may take over duties on at least one of the flicks.

While Kasdan and Kinberg are now officially involved their exact roles are not known. It seems like they both will be producing Episodes VIII and IX and may either work on the scripts together or split the movies between the two of them.

This delights me to no end that Disney could get Kasdan to come back and be involved in such a big way with this new trilogy. Now if we could just get past that whole wanting to bring back Darth Vader thing I think all would be well.



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