Star Wars Episode VII May Have A Writer

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When it was announced last week that Disney was officially making Star Wars Episode VII and they were releasing it in the summer of 2015, my first thought was “they better start hurrying up”. Looks as though Disney is doing just that. Reports are that Oscar winning writer Michael Arndt already has a 40-50 page story treatment for the film and is already at work on the script.

Ardnt is reportedly a huge Star Wars fan and his writing credits include: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine for which he won an Academy Award. It certainly seems like Disney is not taking any process of a new Star Wars film lightly.

Rumors are still rampant on what the story of Episode VII will be. Will it involve older versions of Luke, Han and Leia or new characters all together? There is also the possibility that the movies will negate a lot of the past 30 years of Star Wars novels which would be a calculated risk on Disney’s part.

Having a writer the caliber of Arndt on the project should relieve some fans about the new movie. It certainly does for me. The dude made me tear up in the theater for Toy Story 3.



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