Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Ad, Release Date Changed

Photo courtesy BBC America
Photo courtesy BBC America

” I am better.”

“At what?”


Benedict Cumberbatch was apparently talking to all the other movie trailers that were shown at the Super Bowl because this newest one for Star Trek Into Darkness is thirty seconds of goosebumpy, nerdy feels.

Can I just say how awesome it is to get Chris Pine in the yellow Starfleet uniform, which we really only got a glimpse of it at the end of 2009’s Star Trek. It also looks as if the Enterprise has see better days as we see it plummeting to Earth.

We are still taking bets on Cumberbatch’s role. Khan? Possibly. Gary Mitchell? Unlikely since the monthly comic series that bridges the two movies has already had a re-telling of that tale. Maybe he is playing a chryogenically frozen Sherlock that has been thawed out in the future and embraced his madness. The possibilities!

Star Trek Into Darkness releases on May 17th……NOPE!!

People that downloaded the official movie app were given the announcement first that Star Trek Into Darkness will now open on Wednesday, May 15th with showtimes beginning at 8PM.


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