South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Others Delayed By THQ

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Company Shifts Release Dates On Three Titles

During the THQ earnings report yesterday it was reported by new THQ president Jason Rubin that three of the company’s biggest titles would see their release dates pushed back.

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been moved from its March 5, 2013 spot to early fiscal 2014 which means that it will be released sometime after April 1, 2013. Metro: Last Light and Company of Heroes 2 will see a two month delay with both releasing in March 2013.

Rubin said the titles were not expected to meet their release dates without the overall product suffering. With all of THQ’s woes over the past year it looks as though they are positioning these games more strategically to keep the company afloat. South Park is a big license game and moving it to April or beyond will help the company’s earning next year, providing the game sells well of course.

It has been sad to watch THQ’s decline over the past year. Hopefully games like South Park and the just released WWE 13 can help stabilize the company for a bit.


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