Sleepy Hollow Renewed For Second Season

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Well that didn’t take long at all. The first show of the new television season to get renewed is Sleepy Hollow after only three weeks on the air. Fox announced today that due to good ratings they¬†would be moving forward with a second season next year. The first season is 13 episodes and instead of ordering an additional 9 for a full season of 22 episodes, they are taking the approach of the cable networks and keeping the series at 13 episodes a season.

I have always liked the shorter season order for dramas that shows like The Shield, The Walking Dead and Mad Men have done. Sometimes a show can seem like it is dragging when there are 22-24 episodes to film. I loved Arrow but some episodes were hard to get through with so many episodes. Sleepy Hollow seems like it will work much better as a shortened season show especially since it appears there is already a long term plot in place. It debuted with 10 million viewers and has held on to most of them through the first three episodes.

Sleepy Hollow has been a fun show so far, it is good to know there will be more next year.

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